Specialized in Dog Wellness and Beauty

Assopet's catalogue is always in continuous expansion of innovative products and professional grooming equipment, and is open to all fans and experts in the dog care sector.

It is a trusted supplier to various grooming schools, grooming schools, groomers, handlers, breeders, pet shops and veterinarians.

The company has managed to find their partnerships around the world and after establishing a relationship of mutual trust, dictated by the utmost seriousness and the desire to invest in new markets on both sides, has obtained the best prices to be able to be the most competitive, meeting the needs of all with high quality products. 

All this has been possible by selecting in a targeted way the market and especially the National, International and Dog Show Events, having a mutual collaboration and remaining close to the needs of the end customer, supporting him with personal and industry experience, but especially with the seriousness of all customers.