Ibáñez metal combs dual use

Ibáñez metal combs dual use

Product Code: BT0230 - BT0231 - BT0235 - BT0240
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Ibanez dual-use metal combs, professional dog and cat. With two types of opening barb for any long or semi-long coat. To open the knots easily. To properly position the prior hair cut. Quills with soft rounded tip for maximum skin protection. Designed to prevent buildup of static energy. Presented in a nice blister. Dimensions: · No. 1: BT0231. Comb 13 cm. Long. Barbs 16 mm. 28 open and 52 closed. flat handle.· No. 2: BT0235. Comb 15 cm. Long. Barbs 22 mm. 24 open and 38 closed. Round handle.· No. 3: BT0240. Comb 19 cm. Long. Barbs 32 mm. 26 open and 37 closed. Round handle.· No. 4: BT0230. Comb 25 cm. Long. Barbs 35 mm. 50 open and 17 closed. slip handle plane.

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