Cages folding sailcloth - Traveling with dog or cat

Cages folding sailcloth - Traveling with dog or cat

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loneta folding cages for dogs and cats Ibáñez. Light, functional; easily they assembled and folded in just half a minute. sturdy frame and strong sailcloth. They weigh very little. Ideal for travel. They have a practical and spacious rear compartment. Door zipper in front and on top. Available in two colors: blue or camel. Borreguito include removable bed at the base. The sailcloth and removable mat can be washed in cold. They can be used wet wipes for daily cleaning.For cats and very small dogs is the ideal reference D19100 or D19150. Although Measure Your Pet advise to choose the right cage in each case. ** The two smaller sizes have built-in two films of nylon to fix them to the car seat with the seat belt. Metal cages and plastic kennels are not "bunkers" much less loneta cages. There are many dogs that loneta cages are strong enough, because they never dare to tear them. They are not suitable for all dogs. The dog must be educated to confinement, as these cages do not support or scratches or bites. These dogs need stronger cages like steel rod (metal) or kennels.

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