Folding metal fence

Folding metal fence

Product Code: D21380 - D21390
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Parks of excellent quality, both for indoor and outdoor.They have eight normal panels and a small one of just a few centimetres to make the set much more comfortable to handle.Folded they can be transported like a briefcase.Lacquered in black, more elegance and greater protection. They stay beautiful for a long time.QUALITY, SECURITY and "Ibáñez" SERVICE.The structural design, the special lacquer, the type of welding and the steel used in the cages and parks "Ibáñez" increase the SAFETY of your dog.In Ibáñez, we bet for the security and the quality in the rest and transport of the dog.Although it may seem so, not all cages and parks are the same!        Measurements:Size SMALL (Ref. D21380)- 8 panels of 61 x 61 (height) cm.- 1 panel of 3 x 61 (height) cm.- Door height: 43 cm. (panel closed at the top, according to photo)LARGE Size (Ref. D21390)- 8 panels of 61 x 91(height) cm.- 1 panel of 3 x 91(alt.) cm.- Door height: Begins 28 cm. from the floor and ends with the height of the panel (closed panel under the door, according to photo).

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