Atlas Blower

Atlas Blower

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Ejector professional dryer of new generation for canine hairdressing of a motor, equipped with heat resistance that allows to regulate the temperature of the air.It can be used as an ejector, working at maximum speed, without temperature and with a narrow nozzle. And as a dryer, playing with speed, different temperatures and without nozzle or with the most open.Current design in a nice blue color. Lightweight and comfortable to carry. Compact and very stable.Stretch hose, strong and long. The nozzle is reinforced with an anti-slip material of resistant foam that gives a safer and more comfortable grip, and prevents fatigue.Very simple and safe nozzle change system, very easy!TECHNICAL DATA:    - Air speed control wheel up to 80 m/s (flow rate up to 140 CFM or 66 l/s).- Two heat levels. Maximum temperature increase 38˚C.- Long and extendable hose from 90 to 200 cm. Thickness 4.5 cm.- Three different nozzles.- Minimum consumption: 1.200 W. Maximum consumption: 1.800 W.

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