Green Life Pre-Shampoo Mask

Green Life Pre-Shampoo Mask

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Pre-bath mask,nourishing and hydrating for hair and skin. It contains keratin, collagen and plant extracts of Hypericum and Rosemary. Green Life is a modern pre-bath mask especially created to offer professional results for grooming salons. Particularly indicated to revitalize and moisturize any kind of cloak. This treatment is instantaneous and can be used either as a beauty mask or as skin sanitizer. Its action brings immediate benefits to the coat and skin, improves textures and prepares the hair for the cleansing bath. Green Life is ideal for improving hair cuts, to disentangle and integrate dehydrated cloaks caused by the environment or by aggressive chemical treatments. COMPOSITION Green Life is enriched with Keratin and Collagen. These elements contain vital substances for the hair and the skin of the dog.They exert a marked softening and moisturizing activity.Green Life also contains herbal extracts of Hypericum and Rosemary to soften and purify the entire integumentary system. Following a first application you'll find an improvement of the hair and a greater elasticity of the skin. DIRECTIONS Green Life must be applied on dirty hair and can be used pure, diluted with water or added to other products. If used as a beauty mask,dilute the product with hot water (a part of product with ten parts of water). Rub the hair to distribute well the treatment.Leave on 5-10 minutes then proceed to the normal detergency activities.The first shampoo should be done directly on the product shown. In case of skin abnormalities, sprinkle the pure product on the body parts to be treated, cover the pet with a towel keeping the body warm and leave on for 30 minutes. Then proceed to the normal operations of detergency. The first shampoo should be done directly on the product shown.In case of skin abnormalities it is recommended a washing treatment using Skin Repair.

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