Keractive Shampoo

Keractive Shampoo

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Moisturizing and restructuring shampoo,it gives support and weaving to all cloaks. It contains keratin,collagen and plant extracts of cornflower and green tea. Kerative is an innovative shampoo specifically designed for the dogs' hair and to give structure to the textures.It cleans with a gentle cream of natural origins,gives support and invigorates the cloaks by making them stronger and rich of their natural oils. Ideal both on short mantles and long cloaks.It acts by giving volume wherever the surface demands it and models and burdens when necessary. Specifically intended for the dog show preparation. It doesn't contain chemical elements that may be harmful to the animals' health. Composition: Keractive has been integrated with collagen,keratin and active substances to ensure support and structure  to the coat;it also contains herbal extracts of cornflower and green tea to hydrate the hair and skin.Keractive is a professional cosmetic treatment studied to ensure esthetic beauty to the dogs' coat. Directions: Keractive is a very concentrated product,to be diluted with 10 parts of water. Apply the solution on the hair by gently massaging until reaching a soft emollient cream.Rinse and repeat a second time. Leave on for several minutes.Rinse thoroughly.

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