Ibáñez Inglés brushes and nylon bristle Style

Ibáñez Inglés brushes and nylon bristle Style

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Brushes Ibáñez Inglés Style bristle and nylon are similar in design and features to Mason Pearson, but top quality, if possible, and much cheaper. Ideal for all longhaired breeds or semilargo with volume: Bobtail, Pomerania, Chowchow, Pekingese, Samoyed, Alaskan ... Combine with nylon bristles, they are very useful for deep brushing, polishing and especially for volume. Static electricity, resulting rubbing during brushing, depends primarily on the moisture in the air and how to brush. These brushes generate less static power than other brushes, even with overly vigorous brushing in dry environments. Different models with different sizes to fit the size of the dog or cat. Except rectangular brush handle is pasta, other brushes have the wooden handle. Blister elegant presentation.

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