Volcano Blower

Volcano Blower

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Its heat resistance makes it possible to regulate the temperature of the air.Very powerful engine for hairdressing salons with a lot of work! Working at maximum speed, without heat and with a narrow nozzle, it can be used as an ejector. And it can also be used as a dryer playing with speed, different temperatures and using it without nozzle or with the most open.Modern design. Lightweight and compact. Comfortable to transport. Very stable.The stretch hose is very strong and long. Nozzle with anti-slip reinforcement of resistant foam material that gives it a safer and more comfortable grip, as well as avoiding fatigue.The nozzle changing system is very simple and safe - it's very easy!TECHNICAL DATA:- With air speed control wheel up to 95 m/s (flow rate up to 250 CFM or 118 l/s).- Two heat levels. Maximum temperature increase 48˚C.- Long and extendable hose from 70 to 230 cm. Thickness 5.2 cm.- Three different nozzles.- Minimum consumption: 2.200 W. Maximum consumption: 2.800 W.

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