Microfibre canvas

Microfibre canvas

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A revolutionary aid for groomers and canine breeders.This towel has an elasticated neck and special pockets for the dog's 4 legs, so that the towel is attached to his body. This innovative feature makes drying much easier.Made of high quality microfiber, it absorbs water from your dog's coat faster than conventional towels, accelerating the drying process.It allows you to keep your dog covered, preventing the dog from feeling cold after bathing, and to discover to him only the area we want to go to work with dryer and brush.An essential working tool for breeders and groomers.Available in five different sizes.Dimension Back* Height**XS Max. 32 cm.     31 cm.S Max. 44 cm.     36 cm.M Max. 52 cm.     46 cm.L Max. 60 cm. 56 cm.XL Max. 75 cm. 73 cm.

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